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What Is the Writer’s Purpose in Writing the Text? Kunci Jawaban Soal Teks Deskripsi Mount Kelimutu National Park

Kali ini kita akan membahas soal latihan yang berkaitan dengan materi deskriptif teks kelas 10 yaitu tentang objek wisata alam dan bangunan bersejarah. Kali kita akan membahas soal yang berkaitan dengan taman nasional Gunung Kelimutu.

Kunci jawaban ini tidak bersifat mutlak tetapi terbuka sehingga bisa dilengkapi, ya. Ini merupakan pembanding ya kakak-kakak kelas 10.

Activity 4 : Identifying the purpose, text structure and language features

1. Answer : The writer’s purpose is to give information or to give description about Mt.Kelimutu to the readers.

2. Answer : The first paragraph belongs to the description.

3. Answer : The description is in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh paragraph.

4. Answer : The best title for the text is Mt. Kelimutu National Park.

5. Give examples of sentences in the text which use the following language features:

a. The use of present tense :

- Verbal sentence : Its size obviously does not matter ...has to offer.

b. The use of linking verbs (is, are, has, have, belong to)

- Mt. Kelimutu National Park is ... islands.

- There are ...boiling lake.

- Each has ... local name.

c. The use of adjectives and adverbs

- Adjectives :

• Mt.Kelimutu National Park is the smallest...

• Its size...the most spectacular...

• Each has...

• But...the resting.

• Kelimutu lakes...unpredictable.

- Adverbs :

• The turquoise ..widely.

• Lots of visitors... back down.

• A cup of ...each morning...

d. The use of adverbial phrases to add more information about manner, place or time

- Study part C above.

Activity 5 : Understanding the text

1. Answer : The text mainly talks about a natural tourism object which is Mt. Kelimutu in the area of Bali and Nusa Tenggara islands.

2. Answer : Mt. Kelimutu is located the stretch between Bali and Nusa Tenggara islands.

3. Answer : It has three lakes that periodically change their color naturally.

4. Answer : Shifting chemical and mineral balances in the water.

5. Answer : There live 19 endemic ... Timorese tesia.

6. Answer : The main idea of paragraph four is the three famous lakes in Kelimutu.

7. Answer : Both paragraph 6 and 7 tell about the sunrises in Kelimutu.

8. Answer : Paragraph 2 tells about the color of the lakes while paragraph 3 the position and height of the mount Kelimutu.

9. Answer : The indigenous people believe that the lake is the resting place of departed souls.

10. Answer : July and August. It’s because the season is fine and I can meet and talk to many foreign tourists.

Demikian tadi kunci jawaban soal activity 4 dan activity 5 materi deskiptif teks tentang Mt. Kelimutu. Simak contoh descriptive text tentang tourism objects DISINI

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