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Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Tourism Object

KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM-Simak contoh descriptive text berikut. Salah satu materi bahasa inggris kelas X adalah desriptive text.Pada KD ini dibahas materi tentang tourism object and historical buildings. 

Dibawah ini merupakan tourism object yang nerupakan man-made. Contoh yang pertama adalah salah satu objek wisata di Purbalingga. 

Kalian dapat melanjutkan teks deskripsi yang pertama menjadi beberapa paragraf. Sedangkan contoh yang kedua adalah tentang objek wisata Pondok Dam.


Owabong stands for “Bojongsari water tourism object”  is an interesting tourism destination. It offers entertainment all connected with water and is appropriate place for spending holiday and playing with water.

The recreation is located in Bojongsari village of Purbalingga, a regency in southern of Central Java. There visitors can find a variety of aquatic games and also entertainment such as swimming pool, a water slide and a miniature river.

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Pondok Dam

Pondok Dam is situated in Gondang Village, Bringin sub district. The construction started in 1993 and finished in 1995. Pondok Dam is very potential with a wide expanse of water surrounded by shady trees. It is an interesting tourism destination.

The related parties carry out reforestation along the cultivable land apart from strengthening the edge of the reservoir.  It makes cool and shady air. The grass on the flat land on the left and right, which is filled with shade trees, will attract the visitors. It allows them to spend holiday with family and or friends. It can be a selfie spot to keep the moment.

Pondok Reservoir is reachable by any kinds means of transportation. This tourist attraction offers beautiful spectacular views of the water and hills. The visitors will feel relaxed by enjoying the ambience while sitting or walking around.

The supporting facilities which are available are motor boat, fishing spot, tourist hall, food and beverage stalls, motocross arena, bathrooms and toilets, and also swimming pool.  The local souvenirs would be the unique ones as a token of visiting there.

The tidily arranged street vendors enable visitors to walk comfortably while choosing what to buy.

Demikian contoh descriptive text tentang tourism object yang merupakan salah satu materi bahasa Inggris kelas X SMK.

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