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Contoh Descriptive Text tentang Person dan Report Text Animal

kantinpendidikan.com-Berikut ini contoh descriptive text tentang person dan tourism object. Selain itu juga diberikan contoh report text tentang animal dan penjelasan singkat mengenai persamaan dan perbedaan decriptive text dengan report text.

1. Please describe one of your best friend.

I have a lot of friends but the best one is my schoolmate namely Nina. We meet every day in school and we’re in the same class. She is a humble, kind-hearted and smart student. She always goes to school early in the morning. She has her own style of learning strategy to absorb all materials of each lesson. Her favorite subject is mathematics. She is going to continue studying in computer programming and to become a data analyst or web security officer.

She always helps me understand the materials and shares knowledge on new things. She is my ‘elder sister’. Not only to me but also to any other does she give a hand. It is for example when there are some classmates find difficulties dealing with the given assignment, she explains the part in which they can’t understand yet. In addition, she is a discipline student who always arrives in time and attends the class except when being ill or having another activity held by the Student Organization. 

She is a beautiful girl who has oval face, brown eyes, thick eyebrow and thin lips. She always gives her sincere smiles to everyone. She is about 160 centimeters height and 50 kilograms weigh. In our spare time, we often go hang out together for just sharing about some interesting topics. Actually, we have known each other since the first grade of junior high school and now we’re already in the tenth grade of vocational high school.


2. Write a report text of an animal such as bird, cat, fish etc. Classify it based on the generic structure of report you’ve learnt. Find the information through book reading and or observing it. 

Title : Catfish

General Statement : Catfish is a type of fish

Entity Classification : Catfish live in fresh water, river with slow stream, swamps, ponds, reservoirs, rice fields. They can live even in polluted water.

Description : Its body is smooth without scales, with dorsal fins that are also elongated.

Features : 

• The head is hard

• The eyes are small

• The mouth is wide

• It has four tactile whiskers that are useful for moving in dark water.

Diet : It usually eats snails, worms, plants or leaves.

Behavior : 

• Catfish are nocturnal (active at night)

Reproduction :

• They usually spawn in rainy season.

Life expectancy :

• Catfish are usually 2,5 – 3,5 months old to be ready for harvest.

3. Notes : Descriptive Text

Social Function 

• To describe a particular object in details. The object can be person, place, plant or thing.

• It deals with imagery or five senses which are sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch  

• Used to describe, present, report show, report information

Generic Structure:

• Identification : It is to identify the object to be described

• Description: Giving description on physically, characteristics and so on

Significant Lexicogrammatically Features:

• Focusing on specific objects.

• Generally using present tense.

• Using linking verbs and verbs to classify things and describe appearances, characteristics parts, and functions.

• Frequently using pre- and post-modified noun phrases.

• Using adjectives and adverbs to add information to nouns and verbs in the provision of detailed information.

• Using adverbial phrases of manner, place, or time.

• Using words explaining characteristics features (size, shape, location, color, etc.)

• Using details to visualize the topic.

• Providing examples (using the phrases for instance, such as to illustrate, or to demonstrate).

• Using the topic word of the topic synonymous word repeatedly.

4. Notes : Report Text


It is a kind of text which tells an object in general. It concerns on general categories of thing rather than events and happenings. A report text deals with technical and scientific topics. 

Generic Structure

It focuses is on classifying the subject rather than giving sequence. As introducing the topic, a report text usually start by providing general classification and facts about various aspects of it.

Social Function 

The social function of report text can be distinguished based on the following types:   

• Classifying Report : to organize and describe a field or topic a class and subclass hierarchy

• Compositional Report : to organize and describe a field or topic according to its part (a part or whole part)

Language Features:

• It usually uses simple present tense, action verb, nouns or noun phrases, and linking verb

• Descriptive language

• Generalized participants are initially represented in simple noun groups (e.g., stars and planets)

• Relating verbs link an entity with its attributes

• Timeless present tense (with the exception of an historical report)

• Attitudinal vocabulary is unusual as the emphasis is on fact rather than on opinions.

5. Conclusion

Based on the notes above we can find the similarities and differences between descriptive and report text. Both of them describes an object. The object can be person, place, plant, animal, thing and soon and mostly use simple present tense. A descriptive text gives any information of the specific object in  details and it can be subjective. Vice versa, a report text describes the object in general objectively based on the facts and given evidences also the use of several topic-related terms. 

Demikian contoh descriptive text dan report text serta penjelasan singkat mengenai generic structure, language features dan the differences between descriptive and report text secara singkat.    Simak contoh descriptive text tentang tourism object DISINI      

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