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Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Beasiswa S2 LPDP Jurusan Eksakta

Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Beasiswa S2 LPDP Jurusan Eksakta
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KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM - Berikut ini contoh essay bahasa Inggris untuk beasiswa S2 LPDP dalam negeri.

Contoh essay bahasa Inggris ini untu jurusan eksakta.

Ini adalah contoh essay bahasa Inggris yang dibuat oleh penerima beasiswa LPDP di jurusan kimia UGM.

One of the biggest problems for both Indonesia and the world is the environment. As we all know, Indonesia is currently entering a plastic waste emergency.

According to the Ministry of Environment (2015), the amount of increased landfill in Indonesia has reached 175,000 tons per day, equivalent to 64 million tons per year.

Jenna Jambeck, an assistant professor of environmental engineering from the University of Georgia and her research team concluded that there are 192 countries that contribute plastic waste to the oceans and Indonesia is listed as the second largest plastic waste producer in the world, after China (Jambeck et.al, 2015) .

According to the Safers Against Sewage website (sas.org.uk), an environmental non-governmental organization, ordinary plastic bottles that enter the waters take approximately 450 years to fully degrade, a very long time compared to the time it takes for plastic waste to decompose in water. land that ranges from 50-100 years.

The abundance of plastic waste in the oceans is a serious threat to marine ecosystems, especially threats to Indonesia, which is one of the world's archipelagic countries.


This happens because plastic can adsorb marine chemical compounds which will cause plastic to become a foreign material that is very dangerous and often enters the food chain of marine organisms.

It is recorded that 100,000 marine mammals and more than one million seabirds die every year due to digestive disorders from plastic waste in the ocean, as reported by the kompasiana.com website.

Facing this big challenge, I am motivated to learn more about the environment, especially in the field of environmental chemistry studies.

Therefore, I plan to continue my master's study (S2) majoring in chemistry which is linear with the major that I have taken at the undergraduate level (S1).

I want to continue my master's studies in the country, to be precise at Gajah Mada University (UGM). This university has a good reputation and is ranked second out of all universities in Indonesia (Dikti, 2015).

In addition to this, other considerations that I chose for UGM include the field of environmental chemistry studies and various adequate infrastructure as well as competent educators in their fields that will support the success of my thesis.

The focus of my thesis topic is on how to deal with plastic waste, especially in the oceans.

This is also reinforced by the problems I face before my own eyes. I come from Cilacap which is a coastal area, it's sad to see a lot of garbage that piles up on the beach.

This garbage comes from the oceans and most of the trash that ends up is plastic waste. There is a lot of trash that ends up on the beach, especially the trash in the ocean.


Therefore, as a local child, I have a vision and mission to find a solution to this problem.

With my undergraduate education background in chemistry and the master's studies that I will be pursuing, I believe I can complete my master's studies on time and will produce a useful thesis to solve this environmental problem.

I am planning to study for a masters at UGM for 2 years with 44 credits. I am going to take a study interest in environmental chemistry.


The elective courses that I will take to support my thesis include Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial and Environmental Analysis, Inorganic and Organometallic Reaction Mechanisms, Catalysis, and Chemistry of Natural and Marine Products.

My current activity is…Since I worked as a …, I have found my passion, which is that I am very interested and passionate about teaching the knowledge that I have.

It feels really good to be able to share knowledge with children and watch those who previously did not know about a thing become aware of it because of the knowledge we share.

After graduating from master's studies, in accordance with my passion and vision and mission, I want to become a lecturer who will continuously conduct useful research to solve environmental problems that are being faced by Indonesia.

In addition, armed with the organizational experience that I participated in during my undergraduate studies (Chemistry Student Association and the MIPA Student Executive Board ...), I also wanted to establish a community that aims to be a forum for applying the results of my thesis so that the research results will be applied in a real and continuous manner.

Itulah contoh essay bahasa Inggris untubeasiswa S2 LPDP dalam negeri.(KP)

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