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Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Narrative Text Lily and The Broken Twig

Contoh Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Narrative Text
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KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM - Berikut ini contoh cerita pendek bahasa Inggris.

Contoh cerita pendek bahasa Inggris ini berjudul 'Lily and The Broken Twig'.

'Lily and The Broken Twig' dapat kalian gunakan sebagai referensi dalam mengerjakan tugas writing sederhana.

Once upon a time, there lived a peacock namely Lily . But she did not live alone, she was with her kind-hearted sister. 

Lily was a peacock  who had a weakness, she couldn't fly just like the others.

On a occasion Lily  was back home and dropped the tears.

"What's going on? Why are you crying? Do you fell again?" 

"No, just the lion just mocking me!" Lily said.

“What kind of mocking, my sister? "

"Yes, the lion just said I could do nothing"she whined.

"The lion is too much proud of his pride", she added.

"But, did you know? There is sky above the sky", Lily's sister said.

"Now, just take the broken twig, use it to help you learn to fly. I Will throw the twig and try to catch it as quickly as possible", she continued.

"But I can't do it sister", Lily replied.

"You can do it, honey. Just do it, you'll someday fly above the lion", Lily's sister motivated.

"But... soon  there will  a competition, and all the beautiful peacocks Will take a part.

"Come on Lily!" Lily's sister snarled.

"Why do  you even  scold Lily?" (while running to his room still crying)

While in her room, she kept crying.

“Am I really a useless peacock?”

Suddenly, Lily's sister knocked on the door.


"Lily, are you okay?", her mother askes.

Silence, no answer.

"What are you here for my sister? I'm not..",  Lily stopped her words.

"Ssshhtt…not really, Lily", Lily sister's interrupted.

"But isn't all that true, my sister? "

"No, not at all, I am grateful to be your sister, just believe me you've got chance", Lily's sister strengthened.

"Really?", asked Lily. (Her sister nodded) "Thank you very much for it", Lily expressed.

"It's 11.45 p.m. now, just sleep, I don't want you to sick', her sister suggested.

Lily's sister left go to bed immediately, Miko felt asleep while suddenly there was someone knocking the window.

"Knock..Knock..Knock" (sound)

"Who's there?", Lily asked on a slightly frightened tone.

Miko approached the window and opened it slowly 

"There's no one, am I just dreaming? Ah , no way ..." he said not finished, because his gaze was fixed on the small parcel in the window.

" What's this?" he asked herself as she opened the box.

"A broken twig? Who has just sent it?” She asked curiously.

Then, she brought the broken twig into her room.

"Whose broken twig is this? Why is the shape so unique?, alright, let me put it on the table first.

Lily went out and intended to play with her friends on the field but she saw her friends making any attempts to fly for the coming match.

"I think I don't need to go there, I will definitely get ridicule again" Lily muttered as she walked back to her house and went straight to her room.

(While in Lily's room)

“I really want to take part in that competition but I just can't fly”, she murmured.

Suddenly a light dazzled Lily's eyes, it turned out to be from the broken twig that she had just found in her bedroom window. 

Soon after, Lily approached it.

"Is it true that the light comes from this broken twig?" She asked, in disbelief.

"What!!! (surprised) why is this moving?” , She talked to herself.

"Calm down Lily, I am just the broken twig that would accompany you find your yourself," said the shadow.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked.

"All this time I felt you were a peacock who easily gave up hope, and now I will, I will

stand by you, don't you wish to be able to fly 

and join the race  right ?”, asked the shadow.

"Yeah, but how do you know?", Lily replied.

 "That's my duty. Then you will find out for yourself, just take the broken twig", the shadow suggested.

"What for ?", Lily answered.

"You said that you wish you could fly, come on, let's go to the field!", the shadow commanded.

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the field.

“Now we have reached the field, then what do you want to do?" asked Lily.

"Now you just take the broken twig, hold it gently".

"But what's all that for?" She asked once curiuosly.

"Just do it..." asked the shadow.

She finally did everything the shadow ordered her to do. 

In fact, she didn't understand exactly what does the shadow want to do to with the broken twig.

Soon after, Lily  hold it with her right hand. 

" The twig is already in my hand, what should I do then?", Lily asked.

"Make this broken twig to be the aid in the competition," asked the shadow.

"Sure", Lily replied.

Having finished her first task, she immediately reported to the shadow.

"I have finished the task, is there any other things to do?", Lily asked. 

"Of course!" the shadow answered.

"What? (while wiping the sweat on his forehead).

"What's next to do?” Miko continued asking with a little bit of exhaustion.

"You've hold it, you should also use it," the shadow replied.

"Pardon", I just can't get that point", Lily added.

"Just throw the broken twig up and try to grab it quickly", the shadow explained.

"But I can't fly, I told you so," She replied.

“You can do it Lily, believe in yourself", just believe in yourself. 

Lily was silent in second.

"Okay, I'll give it a try!" She answered.

" Well ,  that's how it is .. but the spirit!" said the shdow.

Lily smiled a little, she kept trying and Made some changes.

Finally, the match show has come, all the peacocks gathered at venue and did the lion.

(At that time)

"  Well Lily, what are you doing here?", asked another peacock.

"I am going to join the competition", she answered.

"L.O.L! Am I dreaming?" Lily's friend laughed.

"I can do  it ," replied Lily.

"Well, we'll see later, at least you'll fall when you fly," said another one. 

"Never mind! At least I try", Lily convinced herself.

The race was about to start,

“Three..two..one..go!", the referee shouted.

And finally Lily's efforts were not in vain. She won the race.

The just didn't believe and said "How can she do that!"

Itulah tadi contoh cerita pendek bahasa Inggris yang dapat kalian jadikan referensi saat mengerjakan tugas di sekolah masing-masing. (KP)

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