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Latihan Soal Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Paket 3


Latihan Soal Olimpiade Bahasa InggrisSMP/MTs Paket 3
Source : freepik.com/jcomp

KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM -Berikut ini latihan soal olimpiade bahasa Inggris berikut ini. Latihan soal paket 3 ini berkisar tentang tata bahasa Inggris seperti subject verb agreement, gerund, state verbs, sinonim,conjunctions,degrees of comparison, the fact that..., present continuous tense, present perfect tense, question tag, elliptical construction, pararelism, cloze test dan notice.

Terdapat 25 soal latihan yang semuanya dalam bentuk pilihan ganda. 

Dibawah ini soal latihannya :

Which one is the correct sentence?

I has no paper.

I don't have any papers.

I have some paper.

I don't have no paper.

Would you mind if I...the fan?

switched off

switching off

have switched

be switched

Which one is the existing state?

Mario is feeling good.

I am thinking of going to Turkey.

Nina is smelling something burning.

Banu has some new accessories.

Call him if you the resort? What is the meaning of 'resort'?

Exclusive town

Travelling to a natural tourism object

Exotic hill

Tourism object

Nina doesn't like the movie and Dina doesn't either. It means...

Both of them don't like the movie.

Nina likes the movie but Dina doesn't.

Nina doesn't like the movie as much Dina.

Dina likes the movie but Nina doesn't.

The door was broken...the window.

And so was

Neither was


So did 

He always comes on time,...?

Doesn't he

Does he

Isn't he

Did he

My couch always says that the more we practice Javanese language...

We will become more fluent

Absolutely we become fluent

We are going to be more fluent

The more fluent we become

Brian : I heard that the university where you study is cool.

Maria : Yeah, many of...have become eligible experts.

The graduates

Their graduates

Whom graduates

Its graduates

It is raining heavily. We will go outside...it stops.




In which

You must practice regularly...you wouldn't pass the exam.





Your test result is...than mine. (good)

as good as

more good


the best

Yesterday was the...day of the month.(cold)

more cold



as cold as

The fact that not all the graduates find the job easily...that they should improve the skills.

Are suggesting

Are suggested

Have suggested


Bagas : May I borrow your notebook.

Maulana : Sorry,I...it.

am using 


is using

still using

Rashford : Do you hear something?

Killan : Yeah, somebody...at the door.

Was knocking

Has been knocking

Is knocking


Have the kids had their lunch?

Not yet,they...in the yard.

Have been playing

Are still playing

Will play

Were playing

Do you often go to the movie?

No, it...quite a long time since I went to the movie with my classmates.


Have been

Has been

Will be

NOTICE : No Swimming.

Where is the notice usually found?

At the hospital

At the movie

At the sea shore


Text for the next three question items.

I went to South Africa with my friends...watching World Cup in 2010.

It was getting dark...we're looking for a hotel. 

The we came upon two luxurious hotel next to each other in the capital town which is Cape Town.

We...one which had special rate. We stayed there for fortnight.

Next holiday, I am leaving for Qatar to watch World Cup 2022 in November.





Which of the following sentences similar to "It rained yesterday."

It has been raining yesterday.

It was raining yesterday.

It had been raining yesterday.

It would be raining yesterday.


No Food and or Beverages.

The notice means...

We are prohibited to store chemicals

We are allowed to to put food and drinks

We can only put chemicals

Either food or beverages are available

Demikian latihan soal olimpiade Bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMP/MTs sederajat. 

Latihan soal ini dapat digunakan sebagai try out Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs sebagai 

persiapan pendaftaran olimpiade Bahasa Inggris di tahun ini.

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