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Why English Matters, Contoh Jawaban The Propell Teacher Workshops for the TOEIC

Why English Matters
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KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM -There must be many reasons to answer ‘why English matters’ especially for those who are learning English as a foreign language.

The following might be the reasons why English matters for most people.

It is logically hard to build a good understanding in a verbal communication if the language used among the speakers and listeners is totally different. 

It is because either the speaker or listener would not be able to comprehend the message being delivered by words, phrases and sentences in their own native language. 

Therefore, using a same language would be a nice solution to make meaningful and understandable spoken and or written communication. 

For instance, the MotoGP riders in Sirkuit Mandalika, Lombok would use a widely known language when communicating with the other riders rather than using his native language. 

He would seemingly use English because it is one of  international languages which used worldwide. 

Most people usually use English to communicate with those who come from other regions or countries which use different language.

In this globalization era, mastering English would be beneficial. One who is fluent in English opens a chance to improve himself in some specific fields. 

There are several job vacancies in some big companies which require proficient English skills. Many learning sources regarding to job skills produced by using this language. 

Therefore, to understand it and mastery is a must. The better English mastery, the better content understanding will be.

Another reason is just for fun. By knowing this language we can listen and enjoy several popular western songs or another purpose.

The essential thing is about how to make and stay motivated to learn and make a progress during learning and or studying English which is not our mother tongue.

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