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Soal Latihan PAT Bahasa Inggris SMA/SMK/MA Kurikulum 2013 Kelas X Tahun 2022 Paket 1

Choose the correct answer!

Denny : The students always submit the paper before due date.
Saddil :  In time.
Denny : Do they? ....
A.How nice are they.
B.How diligent they are.
C.What a lazy student.
D.How dare they are.
E.How noisy they are

Evan : What will you do after finishing the paper?
Maman : .... How about you?
Evan : I will help my sister repair his bike.
A.I can’t do it myself.
B.I don’t know what to say.
C.I will install the PC.
D.My mother works hard for me.
E.My sister asks me to work harder.

Dialogue for number 3 and 4.
Saddil : Hello. May I speak to Toni, please?
Toni: Hello. Toni’s speaking. Whom am I speaking to?
Saddil : Toni, it’s me Saddil.
Toni: Well, what is the matter?
Saddil : Are you going to the futsal this afternoon?
Toni: Yes, of course, how about you?
Saddil : So do I. By the way, can we go together?  
Toni: Sure. I will pick you up at your house.
Saddil : O.K. thanks before. I will be waiting for you.
Toni : Never mind. Just wait. I am coming.  

3.What are they talking about? 
A.Saddil’s cancellation to go to the futsal championship.
B.Saddil and Toni’s plan to join a futsal championship.
C.Toni’s intention not to come to a futsal championship.
D.Saddil’s intention to come to Toni’s house.
E.Saddil is not going to join a futsal championship.

4.Where will Toni pick up Saddil?
A.Toni’s house.
B.Saddil’s house.
C.At school.
D.At the scout’s room.
E.No answer is correct.

5.Martin would like to....his PC next week.

Beni : What are you going to do after school?  
Dani : I (be) going to practice installing PC.   
The appropriate form of (be) in the sentence above is.... 

7.Good looking – tall – a – girl –Ani
  The correct arrangement of the jumbled words above is….
A.Ani is a tall girl good looking.
B.Ani is a girl tall good looking.
C.Ani is a girl good looking tall.
D.Ani is a good looking tall girl.
E.Ani is a tall good looking girl.

8.Sport – my – bought – a/an – sister – nice – PC – Japanese – new.
A.My sister bought an new nice Japanese sport PC.
B.My sister bought a Japanese nice new sport PC.
C.My sister bought a nice new Japanese sport PC.
D.My sister bought a sport nice new Japanese PC.
E.My sister bought a nice Japanese sport new PC.

9.Wooden – shelves – medium – brown – moved – Nia – the – to – living – room
The correct arrangement of the sentence is…..
A.Nia moved the brown medium wooden shelves to the kitchen
B.Nia moved the medium brown wooden shelves to kitchen
C.Nia moved the shelves wooden medium brown to the kitchen
D.Nia moved wooden medium brown shelves to the kitchen
E.Nia moved the brown shelves medium wooden to the kitchen

10.new – that – Korean – belongs – PC – to – director – the – black – expensive.

What is the correct arrangement of the jumbled words above?
A.That black new expensive Korean PC belongs to the director.
B.That Korean PC new expensive black belongs to the director.
C.That new Korean black PC expensive belongs to the director.
D.That expensive new black Korean PC belongs to the director.
E.That new black expensive Korean PC belongs to the director.

11.bag – belongs - Nila – little – my – to – sister – the – blue – sleeping – medium,
What is the correct arrangement of the words above?
A.The medium blue bag belongs to my little sleeping sister, Nila.
B.The little blue sleeping bag belongs to my medium sister, Nila.
C.The medium blue sleeping bag belongs to my little sister, Nila.
D.The blue medium sleeping bag belongs to my little sister, Nila.
E.The sleeping bag medium blue belongs to my little sister, Nila.

Galih        :  What are you....to do with all this modified motorcycle?
Bagus     :  I am going to exhibit it in the an exclusive event next  week.
A.To plan
C.Be planning
D.Have planned

13.They are going to study in China....
The suitable adverb of time to complete the sentence above is….
B.Last month
C.Next month
D.Long time ago

Kelvin : Mom, what about our plan next holiday ?
Mom: ....
A.We visited your uncle next holiday. 
B.We were visited by your uncle next holiday.
C.We had visited your uncle next holiday.
D.We have visited your uncle next holiday.
E.We are going to visit your uncle next holiday.

Nani : Anna, Are you free tomorrow?
Anna : No. ....
A.I’m going to play football tomorrow.
B.I was playing football tomorrow.
C.I have played football tomorrow.
D.I have been playing football tomorrow.
E.I’m not playing football tomorrow.

Melani   : What’s the matter with you?
Maman  :  I’m very thirsty.
Melani   : ….
A.I will take you a glass of water.
B.I can take you a glass of water.
C.I’m going to take you a glass of water.
D.Will you take me a glass of water?
E.Are you going to take me a glass of water?

Text for questions number 17-19.
Indonesia is a South-east Asian country located between Malaysia and Singapore. With its large size, Indonesia is known for its thousands islands. Indonesia is also known as an agricultural country. Indonesia has thirty four provinces spread out in big six islands. Indonesia is home about 250 million people with a diverse culture. Majority ethnic groups in Indonesia are Javanese, Malay, Arabs, Chinese, and Indian. Indonesia Independence Day was on August 17th, 1945. National Monument is the official mascot of Indonesia. Indonesia is famous for Bali, Raja Ampat, dan Lombok etc.

17.What is the text about?
A.The geographical position of Indonesia in the world.
B.Indonesia is an agricultural country
C.Indonesia compared to Malaysia and Singapore
D.Description of Indonesia in general. 
E.Famous tourism objects in Indonesia 

18.Indonesia is home to about  250 million people with a diverse culture.  
The underlined word has the closest meaning to....
E.One of a kind 

19.The following statements are correct based on the text, EXCEPT....
A.Indonesia is an agricultural country.
B.Indonesia has thousands islands.
C.The National Monument is one of popular icons in Indonesia. 
D.Indonesia has homogenous etnic and culture.
E.The Independence Day of Indonesia is on August, the seventeenth.

Text for questions number 20-22.
Last weekend, my brother told me that he felt so bored and wanted to get rid away such feeling by going to the beach. Then I recommended him to visit one of the beautiful beaches in southern coast of Java, Suwuk beach. It is located in Kebumen regency, Central Java. My brother had never been there so he was really interested to spend the holiday there. The following day, early in the morning, we had a preparation. I grabbed my bag and put in some clothes, snacks and soft drinks. 

While I was preparing the stuffs to bring, my brother was calling his friends. My brother invited them to join us. A few minutes later, they came.  We went there by motorcycle. It took two and half hours to reach there. We took a rest for a while and immediately changed our ctothes. Later we ran along the sea shore. It was sunny Sunday morning. Wow! The view was really spectacular. I built sand castles while the others were playing guitar and singing together. It had been for about two hours until finally we got thirsty and hungry. I grabbed my bag, opened and took the some snacks. Then we looked for coconut seller nearby. It was fresh and sweet. Finally we decided to go home because it was nearly twelve o’clock.

On our way home, we dropped by to one of street vendors in a district called Ambal. This place is popular for its local food which is Satay. We ordered four plates of it. It tasted spicy and delicious. After couple of minutes, lunch is over and we continued the trip. We arrived at home at 9 o’clock. We were exhausted but that was exciting weekend.

20. The social purpose of text above is.....
A.To explain Suwuk Beach
B.To describe a regency
C.To tell a particular experience
D.To compare something
E.To tell how to make a certain food

21.Where is Suwuk beach located?
B.East Java
C.Central Java
D.West Java
22. The view was really spectacular.
The word ‘spectacular’ has the closest meaning to....
Beni     : Mr. Juna still gets mad with me. I didn't join his class this morning. What I am supposed to do?
Chandra  : Why did you miss his class?
Beni        : Well, I came late because of the flat tire and the gate guard did not let me in.
Chandra  : Then, …..
A.I was absent with Mr. Juna before
B.I also came late yesterday mornin
C.You should meet Mr. Juna and explain him about it
D.Don't think about Mr. Juna anymore.
E.That was great.

Ary     : How was your trip to Bandung?
Sani : It's nice ….. It made two days too short to pass.
A.I really enjoyed being there
B.I couldn't see any places
C.I'll be there again tomorrow
D.Bandung really makes everyone happy.
E.I am coming there.

Maman    : Where were you yesterday morning, Tin?
Titin      : I …. to Malang with my parents. Why?
Maman   : I dropped in your house and you were not at home.
C.was going
D.would go
E. didn’t go

Silvi    : There was a big theater in this area when I lived here, I ….
Sigit     : That's right, but it went bankrupt as it was ground down by a big syndicate.
A.I am used to watch the films.
B.I am used to watching film
C.I used to watching films
D.I used to watch films
E.I usually watch

Text for questions number 27 and 28.
Due to the bad weather, the football match between MW United vs SW FC is postponed.   It will  be held May, 20th at 3.20 p.m.  
ABC Federation

27.The above announcement tells us about....
A.Registration fee
B.Weather forecast
C.Match cancellation
D.Rescheduling time
E.Football competition

28.Which of the following statements is correct?
A.The match is rescheduled because of nice weather.
B.It is away match for MW Unite.
C.The match should have been conducted on May, 10th
D.It is planned to do in the afternoon.
E.ABC Federation is not responsible for the match.

Text for questions number 29 and 30.
We cordially invite you to attend the grand opening of our new branch at Graha Initani on Monday 15th April, 2021 at 9.00 a.m.

It would be an honor to start a new step with you as one of our great partners. We are hoping that we will be able to bound the same vision in this new year.
This event is also as a token for our silver partnership and a proof of our best services for the loyal clients. This would not have been likely possible without your solid and outstanding collaboration. Therefore, we have prepared a reward as a symbol of your support. 

Please come in time because there will be a short meeting in advance. Your attendance will be acknowledged as our best partnership.
RSVP: agariaco@mail.com by Saturday.
We are looking forward to your presence and business cooperation.
29.The letter is intended to ....
A.Attend annual meeting
B.Promote brand new product
C.Announce a new branch office
D.Invite special partners
E.Open registration

30.What does the text tell you about?
A.A business demand
B.A business offer
C.A collaborative meeting
D.A bussiness invitation
E.An internship program

31.Taj Mahal, an epitome of love, is actually a mausoleum. The word ‘epitome’ has the same meaning with....
A.a perfect example
B.having a lot of different parts and medium details that fit together
C.in impressive way because of size or beauty
D.decorated with wood, metal etc taht are set into the surface
E.a medium amount of color

32.In a real jungle, we can see many incredible animals. The phrases “real jungle” and “incredible   animals” are the example of....
A.Noun phrases
B.Adjective phrases
C.Adverbial phrase
D.Verbal phrases
E.Prepositional phrases 

33.The words ‘breathaking’ and ‘blue’ in the phrase ‘breathaking blue view’ are examples of.....

Tourist : Where is Goa Lawa located?
Passer by : It is in Purbalingga.
The synonym of ‘located’ is....

Text for question number 35.
Tanjung Puting National Park is an internationally famous ecotourism destination which is located in the southwest of Central Kalimantan peninsula. Visitors from foreign countries come to this park because of its amazing nature. This is called a park, but unlike any park that have you seen in your city, this is a jungle! It is a real jungle, which is home to the most interesting animal in the world: orangutans.
Taken from : Buku Paket Bahasa Inggris X SMA/SMK Kemendikbud 2017

35. The above paragraph is a part of....
A.Descriptive text
B.Recount text
C.Narrative text
D.Explanition text
E.Exposition text

36.Marina (go) to her grandma’s house last Monday.
The correct form of word in the bracket is....
E.Is going
37.Which one is the correct arrangement of the jumbled sentences below?
1)Paul    : Why don’t you bring your homework book
2)Kamal   : When the raining came, the water of raining wetted my bed and floor.
3)Kamal   : I was busy in decorating my new bedroom with my mother.
4)Paul    : What did you do yesterday?
5)Kamal   : I forgot where I put it.
6)Paul    : Why did you moved to another bedroom?


Ani : What were you doing yesterday at 4 p.m.?
Nando : I was playing futsal with my friends.
The time signal used in the dialogue above is....
A.Simple Past Tense
B.Past Continuous Tense
C.Past Perfect Tense
D.Past Perfect Continuous Tense
E.Present Continuous Tense
39. The following statements about recount text are correct, EXCEPT....
A.The examples of recount  texts are personal, biographical and historicl recount text.
B.A recount text often uses past simple
C.Recount text is factual but narrative is imaginative.
D.The generic structure of a recount text.
E.It is used to describe a particular object.
Trip to Jatim Park
Two days 3 nights (departing on June, 15th)
Contribution: IDR 130,000 including transportation, meals and hotel.
Confirmation by June, 8th to organizing committee.
40. How do you say IDR 1.300.000?
A.One thousand and fifty rupiahs
B.Fifteen thousands rupiahs.
C.One thousand  and fifty hu dred rupiahs.
D.One hundred and thirty thousands rupiahs.
E.None is correct.

TO : All Grade X Students  
There will be a meeting about the upcoming class camping on 1 Juni 2021 at 2 p.m. in the auditorium.    Attendance is a  must. Please be on time. Committee.

41.What can be inferred from text?
A.The students aren’t the committee of the event.
B.The meeting will be held in the afternoon.
C.The related students can skip the meeting.
D.The meeting will be held before class.
E.The teachers must attend the meeting. 

Text for questions number 42-45.
My holiday
My last semester holiday was a five-day trip to Palembang. I went to my uncle’s house. It was so much exciting. I visited one of the famous universities there, University of Sriwijaya. I also visited Jembatan Ampera near my uncle’s house. I loved it. I was walking around the city and bought ‘Pempek”. It is one of local food there, the taste is rather spicy.

42. What does the text tell you about?
A.The writer’s holiday to his friend’s house in Palembang.
B.My holiday in uncle’s house in Palembang.
C.My first visit to University of Sriwijaya.
D.My visit to grandma’s house in Palembang.
E.The writer’s trip to his uncle’s house in Palembang.

43. Where is the town visited by the writer located?
A.Sumatera Utara
C.Sumatera Selatan

44. What is the writer’s purpose of writing the text?
A.To explain about his experience in Sriwijaya University.
B.To describe Palembang town and Jatim Park.
C.To retell his recent vacation.
D.To entertain the readers.
E.To tell how to go to Palembang town.

45. “My last semester holiday was a five-day trip to Palembang town.” (First sentence).
The word ‘trip’ has closest in meaning to....

Text for questions number 46-50.
Lina went to the writing competition early in the morning to join it. She wanted to write an essay. She arrived at eight and directly prepared for the competition. At first, she tought she had bought everything, but suddenly she knew that she had left the draft in on her desk. She couldn’t write write the essay and lost the competition. She felt very  disappointed.

46. Why did Lina go to the writing festival?
A.Lina was invited by her friends.
B.Lina had an appointment with her friends.
C.Lina was going to visit food festival.
D.Lina intended to compete in writing.
E.Lina wanted to meet her friends.

47. What was the first thing Lina did when she arrived at the writing festival?
A.She registered herself in the competition booth.
B.She had a preparation for the competition.
C.She asked her friends to prepare the writing stationaries.
D.She bought some papers for writing.
E.She left the pen in the bedroom.

48. Why did Lina lose the competition?
A.Because her write didn’t taste delicious.
B.Because she had left the writing stationaries.
C.Because wasn’t able to finish writing on time.
D.Because she had left one of the papers.
E.Because she ran out of the pen ink.

49.How did Lina feel?
A.She felt excited.
B.She felt exhausted.
C.She felt unhappy.
D.She felt glad.
E.She felt so bored.

50. What is the social purpose of the text?
A.To tell the steps of writing essay.
B.To describe the event of writing festival.
C.To share how to write an essay.
D.To retell a past event.
E.To give information about a writing competition.


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