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Soal PTS Genap Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMK Tahun 2022


KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM - A brief written record communication, to convey information or instruction to another staff member or we want to seek information within the organization, and when a telephone call will not do the job is called….

A.   Menu

B.   Sign

C.   Symbol

D.  Memo    

E.   Schedule


Memorandum is used when somebody (who has higher position in an organization) is going to give....

A.   Suggestion

B.   Communication

C.   Job description

D.  Information and instruction

E.   Expectation


The memo is addressed to….

A.   New employees

B.   Mr. Roy

C.   Head of personnel

D.  All employees

E.   The Secretary


What should they do with the request?

A.   They should write down on a paper.

B.   They should type and sign it.

C.   They should write and sign on.

D.  They should send it.

E.   They should reject it.


When should the employees submit their request?

A.   In first two weeks each month.

B.   Within six weeks.

C.   By the end of the month.

D.  Immediately.

E.   Within two weeks.


What does the memo concern?

A.   Overdue accounts

B.   Office furniture

C.   Supply request

D.  Typewriters

E.   The treasurer


What will happen to the handwritten request?

A.   They will not be accepted.

B.   They will be approved quickly.

C.   They will be read carefully.

D.  They will be sent to accounting.

E.   They will be printed soon.

A list of food and beverage or special food and drink which are offered at a certain restaurant or stall is called   as….

A.   Menu    

B.   Sign

C.   Symbol

D.  Memo

E.   Schedule


Neil    : “Would you like to have some coffee?”

Nanda       : “Thanks, but….”

A.   I like coffee.

B.   Get me some.

C.   Tea is better.

D.  Coffee is good.

E.   I prefer tea.


Mario         : ….?

Dani  : I had a toast and jam, juice and coffee.

A.   What would you like for breakfast?

B.   Did you have breakfast

C.   Did you have rice for breakfast

D.  What did you have for breakfast

E.   Do you usually have light breakfast

 After I had finished one glass of lemonade, I was offered another glass, but since I’m no longer thirsty, I said,....

A.   No, thanks.

B.   One glass is enough.

C.   I’m not thirsty anymore.

D.  I’d love to.

E.   That’s enough.

Fani    : Would you like anything to eat?

Mita      : ….?

Fani   : Yes, I have it.

A.   I have eaten cheese burger. 

B.   I feel like banana fries.

C.   Do you have chicken steak 

D.  Spaghetti is delicious.

E.   I’d like a bottle off soda.

My English teacher always says that the more we practice our  English….

A.   Then we become more fluent.

B.   Of course we become more fluent.

C.   The more fluent we become.

D.  We are becoming more fluent.

E.   So we will become fluent.

My friend said, “I have never seen such a good film.”

From the above statement we may conclude that….

A.   It is the first time he went to see a film.

B.   He seldom went to good movies.

C.   This is the best film he has ever seen.

D.  The film he saw was a bad one.

E.   He has never seen bad films before.

Ando is an intelligent student, but his younger brother is even….

A.   The most intelligent.

B.   As intelligent as.

C.   Much intelligent.

D.  The same intelligent.

E.   More intelligent.

I enjoyed the music concert last night.

So did I, I have ….

A.   Seen much better concerts.

B.   Seen the best concert.

C.   Never seen the best concert.

D.  Never seen a better concert.

E.   Seen a good concert.

Which dress shall I wear?

I think the blue dress is….the green one.

A.   Very beautiful

B.   More beautifully from

C.   Much beautifully than

D.  More beautiful than

E.   More beautifully than

The silver car is old but the mechanic give it some innovation yesterday. The yellow car is new automatic. The yellow car is....the silver car.

A.   as modern as   

B.   as old as

C.   more modern than  

D.  the most modem

E.   as new as


David Suzuki is internationally known as an environmental activist and scientist. Although he is known for his radio broadcasts in Canada, he has become an international celebrity through television show “The Nature of Things”. Suzuki also co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation for the promotion of living in balance with the natural world. 

David Suzuki was born on March 24, 1936 in Vancouver, Canada from the spouse Kaoru Carr and Setsu Suzuki. Suzuki and his twin sister Maria were grandchildren of Japanese immigrants who came to Canada in the early part of the 20th century. Because of his ancestry, Suzuki, along with his family, was sent to an internment camp in British Columbia during the Second World War. (Next page)

When Suzuki and his family left the camps, they were forced by the government to move east of the Rockies. They choose Islington, Leamington, and London as their homes. It was during this time that Suzuki first became aware of his interest in nature.

Once the family settled in Leamington, Suzuki attended Mill Street Elementary School followed by London Central Secondary School in London with the family’s last move. After finishing preliminary education, Suzuki left Canada to study Amherst College in Massachussetts where he earned his BA followed by his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Chicago. He graduated in 1961 and began his career by studying genetics. In 1963 he returned to Canada to teach with the Zoology Department at the University of British Columbia. He worked as professor for almost forty years.

Taken from: Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK K-ZE-2013/2014 BALITBANG-KEMENDIKBUD


When did David Suzuki graduate from the University of Chicago?

A.   In 1936

B.   In 1940

C.   In 1961

D.  In 1963

E.   In 1970


Suzuki was interested in nature when….

A.   His family moved to east of Rockies

B.   He left University of Chicago

C.   He worked as a professor

D.  He settled in Canada

E.   He left Canada


Bill Gates reached the top career in Microsoft as….

A.   The founder

B.   The chairman

C.   The stock holder

D.  The chief software architect

E.   The vice president of company

Based on the text above, how long has Bill Gates consistently  been ranked as the world’s wealthiest person?

A.   Thirteen years

B.   Fourteen years

C.   Fifteen years

D.  Sixteen years

E.   Seventeen years

Which of the following statements is true based on the text?

A. Bill Gates began to show his interest in computer programming when he was thirty years old.

B. Bill Gates has inconsistently been ranked as the world’s wealthiest person over all from 1995 to 2010, excluding 2007.

C. Bill Gates began to show an interest in computer programming at Lakeside School.

D. He remained the largest individual shareholder with less than 8 percent of the common-stock.

E. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world.






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