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Soal Pilihan Ganda dan Esai Materi Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kurikulum 2013 Kelas 8 Invitation

KANTINPENDIDIKAN.COM1.Choose the correct answer.

The invitation above is for number 1 to 3.

The text is about an invitation to attend a….

A.    Farewell party

B.    Graduation party

C.   Wedding party

D.   Birthday party

The reception will be held….minutes before dinner.

A.    Fifteen

B.    Fifty

C.   Twenty

D.   Twenty five

The party will be held….

A.    In the morning

B.    In the afternoon

C.   In the evening

D.   At night

The following is for number 4 to 6.

Please join us for a

Baby Shower


Nancy Brown

Saturday, Nov. 2020

At 2 p.m

152 Road, Antartics

RSVP to Minie by Nov. 19, Telp. 1600.

When the party be held?

A.    On November 12, 2020

B.    On November 20, 2020

C.   On November 21, 2020

D.   On November 22, 2020

The word ‘honouring’ can be replaced by….

A.    Celebrating

B.    Praising

C.   Respecting

D.   Congratulating

‘Baby Shower’ means an event for….

A.    Pregnant women

B.    A little kid

C.   New baby born

D.   A showering baby

The invitation below is for 7-9

Finally moved in and so glad to

Jonathan Ginting’s

Housewarming Party

Sunday, November 25th

1 pm-2 pm

Adress on

Soedirman Avenue YK 0274

RSVP Duta (021) 12345

What is the text about?

A. Rina’s housewarming party

B. Jonathan’s moving

C. Sabrina’s invitation

D. YK new address

When will the party be held?

A.    In the morning

B.    In the afternoon

C.   In the evening

D.   At night

If you are not able to come, you should….

A.    Send a letter to Jonathan

B.    Call Ginting

C.   Speak up to Duta

D.   Invite Duta


Mr. /Mrs.

You are warmly invited to our 5th annual

Prize distribution, talent show and result ceremony

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Timing: 08.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Looking forward:

-     chair person

-     director

-     chief executive

-     staff

Venue: Middle Park

Eastern Town

Phone: 123456

The party is held….year.

A.    once

B.    twice

C.   three times

D.   four times

How long is the event duration?

A.    2 hours

B.    3 hours

C.   3,5 hours

D.   4 hours

‘Venue’: Middle Park

What is the similar meaning of the underlined word?

A.    Direction

B.    Destination

C.   Location

D.   Position

The following is for questions number 13 to 15.

While you were out

To: Mr. Santosa

From: Deasy

Phone Number: +62012345


The monthly meeting is cancelled due to the technical matters.

Further information will be announced as soon as possible.


What does the text tell you about?

A.    Invitation to attend a meeting

B.    Asking for someone’s intention for Deasy

C.   Announcement of the technical reason

D.   Information about the cancellation of a meeting

From the message above, we know that….

A.    Meeting is not cancelled.

B.    Meeting will be conducted after Mr. Santosa’s back.

C.   The information is obtained from Mr. Santosa.

D.   Mr. Santosa gives the information before going out of town.

“The monthly meeting is cancelled due to technical matters.”

The underlined word is similar to….

A.    Deleted

B.    Postponed

C.   Delayed

D.   Removed

2.    Sentence Arrangement

The following sentences are not in order. Arrange the sentences to form a good example of invitation.

1)    On Thursday, January 7

2)    RSVP

3)    I’m having graduation party at ‘Rumah Makan Padang’

4)    There are door prizes for you.

5)    At 09.00 AM

6)    Dear Friends,

7)    All of you are cordially invited

8)    Karlina Palupi


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