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Review Materi Expressions (1)

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Suggestion (Saran)

Kata “suggestion” memiliki bentuk dasar “to suggest” yang artinya adalah “memberi saran”. 

Ada 3 (tiga) hal yang berkaitan dengan ungkapan “suggestion” yaitu:

Asking for Suggestion (Meminta Saran)


What shall we do after school?

Shall we have a meeting on Saturday afternoon?

Shall we go now?

Giving Suggestion (Memberi Saran)


Let’s go to the cinema.

Why don’t you finish your homework right now?

How about going to the library first and then to the canteen?

I think you should see the doctor.

Responding to Suggestions (Menanggapi Saran):

Accepting Suggestion (Menerima Saran)

Yes, let’s go.

Ok, I will.

That’s a good idea.

Ok, if you say so.

Declining Suggestion (Menolak Saran)

No, thanks.

Sorry, I think I can do it later.

No, let’s just go to the canteen.

Sorry, I just need an aspirin.

Pada contoh diatas, ungkapan saran/ suggestion dalam bentuk pertanyaan (question) dengan menggunakan modal “Shall”. 

Selain itu, ungkapan saran/suggestion juga bisa dalam bentuk pernyataan (statement).  Kata bercetak tebal berikut digunakan dalam kalimat suggestion & diikuti klausa “that”.

The teacher suggests that the students clean the classroom.

The director recommends that the staffs attend the seminar.

The manager proposes that a report should be sent immediately.

I put forward that we discuss to solve the problem.

We advise that he study hard.

The leader advocates that we support the programs.

Making Offers (Membuat Tawaran)

What can I do for you?

May I help you?

Would you like something to drink?

I will do it for you, if you like.

Shall I help you with your assignment?

Responding to Offers (Menanggapi Tawaran):

Accepting Offers

Yes, please

That’s very kind of you.

Yes, please. That would be lovely.

I really appreciate it.

A lot of thanks.

Declining Offers

No, thanks

It’s okay, I can do it myself.

Don’t worry, I will do it myself.

That’s alright, I will manage on my own.


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