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Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMK Kurikulum 2013 Kelas XI Tahun 2022 Paket 1

Berikut ini merupakan beberapa contoh soal UKK PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas XI SMK 2021

Soal-soal pilihan ganda dibawah ini berkaitan dengan ungkapan seperti expressing certain/certainty, obligation, plan/intention, satisfaction and dissatisfaction dan sebagainya.

Selain percakapan, beberapa contoh soal dibawah ini juga sedikit berkaitan dengan tata bahasa Inggris (English Grammar) dalam bentuk isian atau uraian. Silakan tinggalkan pilihan jawaban Anda yang sesuai dikolom komentar.

Rena looks very thin and pale. She . . . ill.
A. Shall be
B. Might be
C. Must be
D. Ought to be
E. Would have been

Yurianto   : Rexi! You . . . play with sharp knife.
Dedy        : I'm sorry, I won't do that again.
A. may
B. need not
C. don’t need
D.don’t have to
E. must     

Irena        : ‘I am tired of watching that movie, there is too much violence.’
Maudy      : ‘I agree, . . . the channel?’
A. I should change
B. I must change
C. Shall I change
D. Had I better change
E. Would we rather change

Vera       : You came late this morning. What happened to you?
Suga      : I’m sorry. … because I left my mobile phone.
A. I had to go back home                 
B. I had to call my brother
C. I wanted to do something
D. I have to see my beloved cat

Sarinah      : What will you do after finishing the study?
Ahsanty     : . . . How about you?
Sarinah      : I will study at university.
A. I can’t manage myself.
B. I don’t know what to say.
C. I will work to earn money.
D. My mother works hard for me.
E. My father asks me to work harder.

Jorginho    : Are you Ok for Monday’s meeting?
Sarri        : No. Can we delay it until next week? . . . .
A. I will be ready next week.
B. I plan to have meeting with you.
C. The secretary will tell me about it.
D. I’m going to be very busy on Monday.
E. The meeting will be held in McDonald Solo.

Teacher: What is your plan for this coming year?
Student   : . . . sir.
Teacher   : Then, you must work hard and prepare yourself right away.
A. I plan to go overseas.
B. I’ll prepare it next year.
C. I’ll visit my grandmother.
D. I’m confused what I’ll do.
E. I’m thinking about getting a job.

Reno       : Hello. May I speak to Andy, please?
Andy       : Hello. Andy speaking. Who am I speaking to?
Reno       : Andy, it’s me Reno.
Andy       : Oh, Reno. What can I do for you?
Reno       : Will you go to the Boy Scout activity this afternoon?
Andy       : Yes. And you?
Reno       : Me too. By the way, can we go together?
Andy       : Absolutely, we can. I’ll wait for you here.
Reno       : O.K., Andy, thanks. Bye.
Andy       : Bye, Reno.
 “I’ll wait for you here.”
The word ‘here’ refers to . . . .
A.Reno’s house
B.Andy’s house                
C. Andy’s school
D. Reno’s school
E. Andi and Reno’s school

The phone call is about . . . .
A. Reno’s intention to go to the Boy Scout activity
B. Reno and Andy’s plan to join a Boy Scout activity
C. Andy’s intention to come to Reno’s house
D. Reno’s intention to come to Andy’s house
E. Reno wants to join a boy scout

Clare       : Hi Rose, I saw you with Mira yesterday at the police office. What                    happened?
Rose       : Really? I accompanied Miranda to report the police. Miranda lost her              purse when I was in the market.
Clare       : What a terrible situation for you.
The underlined expression expresses . . . .
A. agreement
B. asking for help
C. showing sympathy
D. asking opinion
E. giving advice

Dania     : Rudi broke his leg in an accident.
Dezia      : . . ., I hope he gets well soon.
A. I don't care
B. I hate him
C. Good bye
D. I'm sorry to hear it
E. Be better next time

Roby       : My sister has been sick for three days. So I have to accompany her in the        hospital.
Dicky      : . . . I hope she will get better soon.
Roby       : Thanks.
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is . . . .
A. I am happy to hear that
B. I don’t care about it
C. Don’t mention it
D. That’s too bad
E. Thank you

Faiz         : “Ouch”
Father    : What’s wrong with you, son?
Faiz         : I fell from the motorcycle when going to grandma's house.
Father    : . . . , put the medicine on it.
Faiz         : Yes, Dad.
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is . . . .
A. Oh, my dear
B.You’re wrong
C. It doesn’t hurt me
D. How happy you are
E. I don’t know about it

Beny       : Why was Shifa absent yesterday?
Decka     : Her father passed away.
Beny       : I am deeply sorry to hear that. Why didn’t you tell me before?
Decka     : I have just heard about it.
From the dialogue, we may assume that . . . .
A. Shifa goes out of the school
B. Decka happy to hear the news
C. Decka tells the sad news to Beny
D. Decka and Beny is not join the class today
E. Shifa’s absence because her father passed away

Arrange these sentences into meaningful dialog.
Gabriel : Hi John, how are you? Long time we did not see since one year ago.
Gabriel : Yes, but Tim has been having a lot of troubles lately. I think he might be          getting a divorce.
Gabriel : Indeed, it’s because of my unhealthy lifestyle.
John      : By the way, what about Tim? He works in a office with you, doesn’t            he?John      : Hi Gabriel. I’m pretty okay. You look so fat now.
John           : I’m sorry to hear about Tim’s problems. I hope things get better for          him soon.
A. 1-2-3-4-5-6
B.  1-4-2-6-5-3
C. 1-4-2-6-3-5
D. 1-5-3-4-2-6
E. 1-5-4-3-6-2

Tiffany    : “I’ll get you the book”.
Tara        : “Sure, I’ll be waiting for you”
The underlined phrase expresses . . . .
A. Offering help
B. Accepting invitation
C. Make an appointment
D. Expression of Surprise
E. Expression of sympathy

Mei        : “Can we go now?”
Juli        : “. . .”
Mei        : “Ok. No problem, but tomorrow we must go to Gramedia bookstore”
Juli        : “Ok. But I must to go home. Bye”
Mei        : “See you tomorrow. Bye”
The expression of canceling an appointment is . . . .
A. I’m sorry I can’t
B. With pleasure
C. Yes I think so
D. Ok. Let’s go
E. Great man

Librarian      : You said that you will return the book today.
Student        : I’m sorry I still need it, would you give me a chance?. I will give it        as soon as possible.
Librarian      : Okay!
The underlined sentence means . . . .
A. The Librarian asks the Student to buy another book
B. The Librarian was very angry with the Student
C. The Student didn’t return the book on time
D. The Student didn’t want to return the book
E. The Librarian is very happy to student

Yandy     : How’s your vacation in Mentawai island, Nindy?
Nindy      : It was  terrific! The beaches are beautiful.
Yandy      : Really? What else did you do there?
Nindy      : Oh, I went parasailing! It was the most breath-taking thing that I’ve ever                        done.
Roby       : Thanks.
The underlined expression expresses . . . .
A. dissatisfaction
B. agreement
C. satisfaction
D. opinion
E. advice

Yozy        : I heard you have bought a new computer.
Dany       : Yes, I bought Asus PC A455L Series.
Yozy        : Wow, it must be very sophisticated.
 Dany       : Yes, . . . with the specification. You should buy one.
 Yozy        : Yes, I think I’ll do that.
 The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is . . . .
       .....The computer is so cheesy.
A. It is disappointing that!
B. It is unacceptable
C. I’m very satisfied
D. I don't think so
E. I don't have any idea

Complete the sentences with “Must” or “Mustn’t”!
A. We ______________ eat in the classroom.
B. I ___________________ do my homework every day.
C. Students ______________ bring their mobile phones to school.
D. You ______________ use your books in an exam.
E. You ______________ wash your hands before eating.

Rearrange these sentences into meaningful dialogue.
Tina        : Bert, what is our task?
Tina        : Okay, thanks.
Tina        : Should we interview a certain number of them?
Tina        : Should we present the result orally or in written?
Albert    : Orally.
Albert    : Well, about three or four are enough.
Albert    : Well, we must interview some foreigners in Prambanan Temple.

Fill in the blanks dialogue with the phrases below!
I’d like to
I am going to
I will be
I will
Sarah          :   Hello Ali, what are you going to do this weekend?
Ali              :  Hello, _____a_____ visit my grandmother in Jakarta. How about you?
Sarah          : Well, I still do not have any plan for the weekend.
Ali              :  Why don’t you go to museum?
Sarah          : That is a good idea. But, I have to do my assignment first. Have you                                done your assignment?
Ali              : No, I have not, _____b_____ do them this evening.
Sarah          : Well, can we do together?
Ali              : Yes, of course.
Sarah         : Okay, great. _____c_____ go to your house at 4 P.M then.
Ali              : _____d_____ waiting for.

Make a simple dialog about what is your plan after you graduate from school!

Mention five expressions of giving sympathy to other!

Create a simple dialog to show sympathy with the theme “Your friend got an                  accident n the road”.

 “You and your family have dinner at the restaurant and the food that you order is             not delicious as the restaurant’s staff said. Make a simple dialog based on the                 situation above!

Demikian soal latihan UKK/UAS Genap/PAT Bahasa Inggris kelas XI SMK tahun 2020. Semoga bermanfaat. Terima kasih.